marybeth 1.75 (not as cool as Angie 2.0) (dorkyhippy) wrote in mentalrevnow,
marybeth 1.75 (not as cool as Angie 2.0)

pain under fluff

one drop two drops
fifty drops.
it's all the same
it all equals nothing
to you
and because of that
to me.

i could cry my eyes out
my face could turn all shades
my form of communication
is frustration
and just like words are ignored
this pain is
but even moreso
because i can't make it easy

i'm sorry it's not easy
it's me.

i'm tired of my pain
being ignored
not mattering
put to the side

not with just one
but mainly by all
except a few
who can't be there
when it hits

like now --

who's around me: no one
who IMed me: no one

it's not anyone's fault
or is it?
i don't know.

i never know.

that's why i'm here
once again
with tears.
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