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Mental Revolution Now! - A Sharing Community
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Mental Revolution Now! is the name we have put to a value that many people share. this value can be inadequately described as being the unconditional acceptance of people as being, without exception, basically good; all unique products of quite unique upbringings. mrn! is also the belief that we can consciously alter our own behavior in accordance with this non-judgmental view, in hopes of achieving "a little more equality, a little less intolerance, a bit more understanding, and a bit less disparity."

this community exists to facilitate the sharing of experiences, aspirations, anecdotes, hopes, fears and haiku and everything in between inspired by or related or incidental to your perception of mrn!.
really, knock yourself out.

oh, and because of you this journal is alive and has needs. it needs feeeeeeeeeeeedback. meaning don't be afraid to comment on the entries, email/pester the people that frequent this place.

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