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I've created the community Wizened Wigwam as a rallying point for those who would change their own reality to bring about the paradigm shift. The purpose is multifold

~ To disseminate information that is being repressed by those whose interest it serves to do so.

~ As a rallying point for peaceful revolutionaries.

~ As a posting ground for suggestions as to real actions that we can take to bring about change for the better ~ To provide an avenue for unconventional ideas and methodologies for change to be expressed.

~ As a well of links to organisations fighting tyranny and oppression and underground noncorporate news sources.

~ As a common ground for various factions all working towards the same common goal.

~ As a place to gather support for(advertise) public/group events.

In it's infancy, anything is a go now.
Please browse the user info to see some links that have already been compiled. As folks post more, i will add pertinent ones to the info page.

(side-note: does anyone know if there is a data base of david r. hawkins' calibrations?)
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