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someone else has always said it better

first of all, i just wanna be a nosebleed and tell you that this thing is a bit hard for me for a number of reasons. one; (best start off with the lamest excuse) i couldn't sleep so i've been up for god knows how many hours now.. might as well try to do this then i thought. two; the stupid language thing, i don't understand half of the fancy words you do. three; i think i sound silly whenever i try to say something serious. four; i don't really know what exactly we are fighting (in lack of a better word i guess) here, it always feels like i missed the official briefing. at first i thought, roughly, that it was just all about sharing kind of spiritually themed experiences. but then several political posts quickly made their appearance and now i'm basically more confused than ever. are we sharing stories or fighting the injustices in the global economy or the general non-existent level of tolerance existing basically everywhere today. or everything at the same time. trying to focus on every aspect of everything in the current interest list of this lj community, amnesty style, is plain impossible.

if i should write something kind of official just to feel like i've written something productive and actually perhaps for the first time tried to put into words exactly on which yard-line i stand then.. you all know this but there is no point in debating whether today's form of capitalism is good or bad, as the amount of garbage it produces is as huge as the greed and profit-hunger it produces. the materialists outnumber the idealists a thousand times over. a global dehumanizing animal farm, an economic dance of death.. and improved living standards they say, is just another brand of clothing. in a market-economy which is striving for profit to the current extent, someone is bound to lose and the big-big-bigtime losers right now are obviously the third world and earth itself. but obviously you can't crush the worlds injustices by crushing capitalism. you have to stop the ego-centrism and plain attitude of people. spark that infamous mental revolution. ok, this all became a bit too much focused on politics instead of compassion and everything but it all boils down to the same thing and those soft vegetables, that every change starts in the mind.
again, you know this. but that's officially my guess on what this all is about to me. the hammer and sickle are lying on the ground and we just gotta pick them up again. i think now i'd like to point out that it's late again. but ok, in one sentence, i'd basically and actually put it exactly exactly as emily put it; achieving "a little more equality, a little less intolerance, a bit more understanding, and a bit less disparity."
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