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manifesto time

i hope you've done yours. i don't know why you were waiting for me.
+ in us there is no them. we're all human, some more than others. what does that mean? i guess it's not about us versus them.
+ i don't like segregation, so isms don't work for me. it's another form of division.
+ i deplore leftist buzz words like 'revolution'. the word is tainted by its history. so why the fuck is everything the left does, a revolution? the list goes on. if i hear the word globalisation again, i'm going to jump off that cliff with no fence at the top and the ambulance waiting at the bottom. all these neo-marxists forget that communism was an early form of globalisation. you get where i'm going.
+ don't make martyrs. carlo giuliani was a martyr. people used his death as a form of ammunition against the "oppressors" forgetting he was doing a stupid thing, forgetting his life stopped there. his death was sad, probably not as sad as the fact this once anonymous figure was immortalised in death via a fire extinguisher.
that's it. these themes remain constant. i have all sorts of ideas and they change the next week. the above four, do not.
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